Marti Brasovan
Marti Brasovan | Hand Analyst
Marti Brasovan | Hand Analyst
Marti Brasovan

Your Are Ready to Know Your Purpose

Transform Your Life
Marti Brasovan

It Changed My Life…

Hand analysis is a remarkable system that explained those nagging feelings that something was missing in my life. There had to be something more. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew I had a calling. I needed to find it. I needed a map!

It’s not as though I haven’t lived my life. I have reinvented myself a dozen times over…

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Hand analysis changed my life – and it will change yours, too. It is a non-predictive, non-judgmental system based on my studies at The American Academy of Hand Analysis. By assessing the map in your hands, I can decode your Life School, your Life Purpose, and your Life Lessons. Hand Analysis reveals your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you realize your life potential.

As a Certified Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Consultant, I am skilled at deciphering what your soul came here to do and learn. Your personality is revealed by the shape and length of your palms and fingers. The lines in your palm reveal your feelings, your thinking, your physical stamina. And in some clients, the hand reveals gifts such as writing, healing, or teaching.

You’re here because you are open and curious, but you’re stuck. You want to move forward. You’re not happy and don’t know why, something is missing in your life, or in your job, or in your relationships – or you have experienced great loss.

If you are ready to know your purpose, if you are ready to get to know yourself on a deeper and more profound level, you no longer have to be afraid of knowing and accepting why you are the way you are. If you are open to receiving the support and guidance to redesign your life, you are open to receive the guidance I provide through hand analysis.

It worked for me and it will work for you.

Marti Brasovan
As a psychiatrist, I can say without a doubt, that my hand analysis by Marti included more targeted understanding of my personality than one could receive in 6 months of therapy. Her reading was easy to understand, well organized, and clearly revealed my life school, life purpose and life lessons. I was shocked at how accurate she was in understanding how I got to my struggles and victories in life, and what is important for me to consider in living a full life with happiness going forward. I have played her MP3 of my session 4 times and learn more each time. I can't thank her enough for giving me so much critical knowledge of myself that I had bits and pieces of but was never able to put together in a way that can help guide my future.

— Dr. Joel Kirson, Psychiatrist, Medical Director, CareNow Services

Marti Brasovan
Marti Brasovan
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